Update Log

- added pets page

- WOW it has been a while! i've been in the mood to the do some coding again (along with writing unnecessarily indepth analysises and reviews about things that make sense to maybe a dozen other people tops, haha) so i'm going to see if i can get back to using/updating this page somewhat regularly! there might be a bit of a general overhaul but it's not like this site had much going for it in the first place lol
- added a blog page and replaced the nonexistant "cheetoverse" link in the navigation sidebar
- slight rework of a couple other pages (index and about, mostly)
- replaced the broken music player on the index with a video embed. again, i'll see sometime if i can find something that works across the site
- deleted the gallery page

- changed the background to my own art! this is still subject to change sometime in the future, but for now it will probably stay as is.
- adjusted the text boxes and navigation slightly to stand out a little more from the background
- added favicon

- added update log!
- made the gallery a functional page!
- removed dimensions and races from the navigation; those will come later!
- added a music player to the main page! not sure if it'll be permanent - if anything i'll probably try to add something that works across the site - but enjoy it while it lasts